About Gabrielle

A gifted healer and teacher practicing in Madison since 1986, Gabrielle integrates Body/Mind centered spiritual growth and life coaching, with expert sound and energy healing, specialized kinesiology, therapeutic massage/bodywork, and transformational depth experiences to further aliveness, harmonious relationships & spiritual evolution.

I started my private practice after years of spiritual searching.  Being well is a labor of love towards yourself.  But what if you don’t love yourself? don’t take good care of yourself? don’t expect things to work out for yourself?  feel worse with ways you may try to mask the discomfort of being alive in such stressful times?  I could tell you stories about the ups and downs of my life-long healing journey, but this is not really about my story, what’s important is you.  You’re here reading this because you are searching, and you know there’s more that’s possible, but you aren’t there.  Or you hurt and are looking for relief.  Just know that I’ve been there.

I learned that the word “healer” is a name earned, through having traveled the healing journey oneself, healing much, and then in gratitude sharing the gifts of that journey.

Having spent years as a teacher and an actress, I realized that instead of being about words, I wanted to live and share “love in action”. Through Body/Mind therapy, attunement, education and special forms of massage/somatic therapies, I seek to directly help people feel better, fulfill their unique potential and be happier.

I’m here to assist you, if you choose, to be the truest, best version of yourself.

May we be well, may we be happy, may we live with ease.