It has been my pleasure and privilege to know and enjoy the healing powers of Gabrielle Laden for more than twenty years.  Working in an area that can be stressful and draining at times, I have used Gabrielle as a regular touchstone and sounding board for my own preventive health care.  Over the years she has consistently tuned in to the imbalances in my body and life and worked to restore health and harmony.  In the most loving way she has used a wide array of techniques and tools — including (mainly) her strong wise and intuitive hands informed in many traditions of massage, sound and vibrational healing using music, tuning forks, bells and bowls, acupressure, polarity, essential herbal oils and more.

Gabrielle is really my primary health care provider, and a true friend, trusted guide and example in helping me to stay well and put my own best self forward in the world.  For this I remain eternally grateful.

Robert Waterman, MD, Psychiatrist

Being in Gabrielle’s healing room and receiving the benefits of her many healing modalities and intuitive gifts is a treasure. I have had profound experiences on her table that I have then carried with me and integrated for weeks (and beyond.) A session with her is both soothing and restorative, but also a gentle catalyst for continued healing and growth. Her intention and energy are pure, her knowledge is broad and so every session is different. I love her work with tuning forks, especially, as it is so unique and calming- such deep yet joyful work. I am so glad a friend recommended her to me…she is a blessing.

Kris A.

I have known Gabrielle for over twenty years. I have sought her guidance through every stage of my healing journey.  She has assisted me to form a mature, coherent and bold life, across my many roles, and at times also has seen my children to great benefit. She skillfully has taken me to the places I have needed to go, even when in resistance, or when I did not understand.  I experience life and an expansiveness of self far beyond what I had known, sourcing from my heart and soul, while grounding in life.  Gabrielle is a healer, and a healer and teacher of healers, a true master healer who brings a wealth of knowledge and expansive tool set to her work. My life and that which I can offer to life in return have been deeply graced by her presence and capacities, and her own willingness to explore the next horizon.

Marite Hagman

I have been a client of Gabrielle Laden since 1998.  I was already dealing with a diagnosis of osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis, and felt I was doing much to allay progression of the disease (eating healthy food, maintaining weight in normal range, walking regularly).  And, I had used massage therapy in various settings.  I was given a gift of a massage from a dear friend, and I have never gone to anyone else since, when I am in Madison.  I regularly have an appointment with her once a week.  As a side bar, I think I am a relatively sophisticated consumer of medically related offerings since I am a physician with 25 years of practicing pediatrics in Madison.

Gabrielle knows and understands the body and can respond to client’s individual needs.  She is very perceptive about areas that need addressing.  And, she is capable of changing as her client’s needs change.  I had a near death experience 6+ years ago, and she modified what and how she addressed by body while I was recovering from an emergency triple bypass surgery.

She works in an attractive studio in her home.  She has a very impressive music collection from which she seems to always choose music that suits my needs.  Over a 20 year span, we have developed a lovely friendship, a trusting relationship.   I treasure her wisdom in her area of expertise, a practice of art and science.

K.P. Nichol, MD. MS.

Working with Gabrielle completely changed my life for the better. I cannot give her enough stars. I honestly do not know where I’d be without her, or everything I learned while working with her.

Shalako Kloppenburg

Gabrielle practices the art of deep listening. That along with the years of training, synthesizing and experience leave you, the client, with a deeply felt session of healing on many levels.

Linda Alanen

How to convey the impact someone has in your life over the course of your training period. And how that changes you exponentially over the last 15 years of my life and career….. there’s not enough space here to tell you how much Gabrielle has helped me. Thank you so much.

Michael Freeman

Five stars is not enough to express the level to which my life has been changed through my work with Gabrielle!

Jenny Oppriecht                                                                                                                                                             

I’ve taken a couple of Sound Accord workshops from Gabriel. They were extremely uplifting and taught me so much about when sound can have healing effects on the mind, body and spirit. I recommend her highly to anyone looking for any of the healing services she offers. I look forward to going to see her again soon.

Sue River