If It Moves, It’s Alive…


“This magnificent refuge is inside you.


Shatter the darkness that shrouds the doorway.

Be bold.  Be humble.

Put away the incense and forget the incantations they taught you.

Ask no permission from the authorities.

Close your eyes and follow your breath to the still place that leads to the invisible path that leads you home.”

Saint Theresa of Avila

Embodied Presence III: Healing E-motions through Free Movement, Music & Moving with Color  ~ inspired by Kay Ortmans’ Well-Springs Program                  

By now, you may have noticed that there is a familiar message in the last several blogs – the answers are within you – were you but able to access them, particularly when you are under duress, or feeling not yourself, or in crisis, dealing with tensions at work, in family or just getting up in the morning feeling miserable.  Whether your situation is grave or mundane, movement and music can be medicine for what ails you and in addition to feeling better, you can access guidance from moving without words.  Let yourself move!


I am not talking about dance here.  Free movement is as much about listening to the body and the music as it is about moving.  In fact, it’s about following rather than an agenda, even if you are engaging in the movement to shake off a problem or to explore a more visceral authentic response to a situation you may be wrestling with.  It’s about allowing inspiration in and allowing yourself to be moved physically and emotionally by the music and your experience of it …. go with it and expect the unexpected.

When we move, we are actively engaged, we explore, we let go to the music, to the energy and to the flow, opening to more than just that which our present ordinary state may dictate.

In my years of private practice and especially in workshops, I’ve found that rather than sitting and listening to a lecture, engaging participants in an experience, particularly one with movement,  perhaps even as a precursor to the material you may cover, best precedes a “teaching.”   This seems to be true even if it’s an activity in the thought field, if not literally on your feet exploring with motion.  You are invited into a field of new possibilities, through sensing, feeling, experiencing your energy without words.  Thus we allow this sensory and awareness expansion before putting ideas and words on top of our experience and perception.

Movement journeying helps us make space for attention to “being” ~ the receptive faculty ~ the eloquence of our physical experience and feelings rather than our habit of living virtually in our heads.   Thoughtfulness is very useful if you are conducting clear thinking, but usually we are engaged in constant inner chatter, worry, and exhausting circular repetitions – which inhibit anything new from entering our consciousness.

“How lovely is the silence of growing things”

So let yourself have both.  Simultaneous body/mind work can be powerful.  As we’ve discussed before, Bodywork, Movement, Vibration, Conscious Touch relieve stress.  But they can also provide a tangible physical experience of the sacred, of redemption, of refuge.  You can go from feeling frightened, vulnerable, weak and incapable, to feeling renewed, strong, vital, peaceful and clear ~ quickly, joyfully.

Incorporating more Movement to Music into your life 

  • Boost energy
  • Clear negative or static energy
  • Lift mood
  • Invite in Spirit
  • Joyful play
  • Enhance creativity
  • Access to time travel or past life memories
  • Open to intuitive guidance
  • Produce positive altered states
  • Feel grounded and connected

Art is not just ornamental, an enhancement of life.  It is a path in itself, a way out of the predictable and the conventional….  A map to self-discovery                                                                          ~ Gabrielle Roth

 “Make it real.”   Movement practices foster Embodiment – Ways that we can go from what we think, to what we truly are and to manifest this in our life, work, and relationships.

Principles come alive through action – putting things in motion.   We know who we are, what we care about, what we are willing to dedicate ourselves to and discover how to accomplish it through movement.  We also discover the potency of dynamic stillness as we develop the spiritual discipline to “Hold Steady in the Light” no matter what comes.  And from this more and more each day, self-respect, self-trust and self confidence grows. Trust that inevitably with self-mastery, peace and happiness will be yours.

Dancers are the messengers of the gods.  ~ Martha Graham

Flow-Dance (2)


YOUR SOUL IS CALLING, experience a deep expression of the divination flowing from the soul of your creative being while in motion.

Contact me if you are interested in a Well-Springs movement, music, and color experience being offered later this spring TBA.

And SAVE THE DATE for this autumn’s weekend intensive, HEARTFIRE:
Well-Springs and TranceDance will be part of the November 15-17, 2019 weekend called HeartFire at Sinsinawa Mound. 
For more information, to schedule an Alignment-Through-Music or to register, contact Gabrielle, or see the flier:  HeartFire Expansion 

Gabrielle O. Laden,  Call or Text 608-213-3014     

2 thoughts on “If It Moves, It’s Alive…

  1. Thank you for this amazing post Gabrielle! I agree that movement is so important in opening portals of uninhibited intuition!

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