Meeting Soul in the Dark


“To the Spirit Belongs the Dancer”


“Hard times require furious dancing”   ~  Alice Walker

Trance Dance is shamanic journeying in movement using rhythm, transformational breathing, a blindfold and dancing in darkness to stimulate a ‘trance’ state that promotes spiritual awakening, mental clarity, creative solutions & emotional well-being.

Exploring the uncharted territory of the Soul requires leaping into the unknown

Trance Dance moves us into the creative matrix of the Black Velvet Void.  Dancing in the dark where visions appear in our inner sight, our emotions, our experiences and how we react to them, our dream images, our behaviors …all keys to the unsuspected truth of our inner magnitude, reveal what’s really wanting to happen.  We touch the invisible, listening with our bodies to the Soul’s calling, we travel these unfathomable realms  following  the inner maps revealed through our TranceDance journeys.

Courage comes of exploring and living in concert with our body’s wisdom.  Expansion of consciousness rarely comes of our hovering in the shallow regions of our comfort zones.  Only through unflinching honesty with ourselves, especially about ourselves, do we meet the light hidden in the shadow.

Trembling at your Edge

The Edge is often the place we stop, where we trip up, where we circle around once again, where we conduct our intricate self-sabotage, fooling only ourselves about what is holding us back.  But if we dare to venture further … “ everything dead in you will come to life” (CG Jung, The Red Book)

As we venture further into the truth of being by fearlessly entering the abyss, we learn the alchemy of “staying”, of not turning back.  Then we re-emerge with wisdom jewels.  As Jung put it, “descent into the unconscious suddenly becomes illuminations from above.”

This happens when we give up the illusion of control, coming into vibrant alive relationship with the flow of life, dancing with the unknown in a state of joy.

Trance Dance’s primary focus is on spiritual evolution.

TD_Energy Mover

 Trance Dance Benefits

  • A direct experience and trust in the metaphysical healing powers we all possess.•  Healing through the disappearance of lifelong patterns of disease-oriented behavior.• An increase in the trust that Spirit is real and not just a concept or dogmatic tradition.•  A leap into the adventure of exploring oneself without judgment or making oneself wrong.•  The wisdom that comes once you realize your immortality, which usually comes with taking responsibility for your life.•  The reduction of ego which is replaced by a willingness to appreciate and support others.•  A pleasurable relaxation into just going with the experiences of life.

    •  Incredible energy, excitement and aliveness.

    •  The healing of breath-related illness such as asthma and other illnesses such as rheumatism and arthritis.

    •  The awakening of a personal Energizer and a return to deep, satisfying guiltless sex.

    •  An increased ability to see visual phenomenon and movement of energy in everything.

    •  A greater awareness of one’s inner world.

    •  A general lightness, resulting from satisfaction and well-being.

    •  The experience of one’s body and physical form changing from this time to other times, from human to non-human.

    •  Perceptions dramatically transformed, the dancer often describing having entered another world.

You may experience TRANCE DANCE as part of the November 15-17, 2019 weekend called HeartFire at Sinsinawa Mound.  There I will share the story of the rescue of my lost child soul piece during my first Trance Dance weekend with Wilbert Alex, my teacher, to whom I am ever grateful. 

For more information and to register for HeartFire, contact Gabrielle and see the flier:  Heartfire Expansion 

For more information about TranceDance and Wilbert Alex ~

Gabrielle O. Laden: mobile 608-213-3014     


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