Embodied Presence II: Self-Sovereignty & Building the Good   

 Embodied Presence part 2 by Gabrielle Laden

Once one’s acute stress has been relieved, we advance to the next stage, “building the good.”
Now begins the development of more resilience, choice of response in words and actions, and enhanced relationships. 
Bodywork/Sound Alchemy/Movement/Advanced Energy Healing are an integral part of our mission to not only minister to well-being, but to serve an individual’s evolution, self-sovereignty, freedom, soul-directed living and self-realization.

Snow Tiger

Letting go, cleansing and releasing  the system from stress, trauma and the fear that blocks us comes first.
Next, we come to the point in our healing journey where radically honest personal work done with self-compassion moves ever more clearly in the direction of Self-Sovereignty: a change of influence from outer authority to inner authority.

Words fail to capture the relief that comes with the awareness that change is possible.  It was a gift so real, so clear and life-giving which conscious bodywork, advanced energy healing and movement provided to me.  I’d almost lost hope because no matter how much I read, studied, talked to counselors or even meditated, is seemed to fail to touch me.   I needed the palpable experiences of freeing the grace, strength, and love rushing through my body which had been trapped in my numbness and pain.

Liberty from my trials and triggers didn’t just happen in a sudden insight.  I beat on the doors of heaven for some time.  And first I’d often struggle, (God bless the healers and teachers who hung in there with me – unraveling lifetimes of distress ) but then by the end of a healing session, I was inundated with divine love and grace and after, peace.

My own varied healing experiences have been profoundly life-changing for me.  When I started my practice and unsure of what to call myself, finding most descriptions too affectatious, particularly the word “healer,” I received this guidance in meditation, short and to the point:  “Gabrielle, you have healed much.  You are a healer.”  Having walked the path, I was then ready to begin to be a guide.

Conscious, compassionate touch combined with  co-creative healing methods have provided the crucial simultaneous meeting of body, mind and spirit, which were able to open doors hidden to me, locked shut in fear, shame and distress.  Discovering and moving the energy through music, movement, and journaling after, as with Well-Springs or Trance Dance, which we’ll say more about in future articles, initiated the process for me.  But it also required the collaboration with my resilient, loving, insightful healers that brought me home to my true self.  Having my whole self engaged in the healing process has not only been empowering, it’s been as indispensable to my soul awakening as my loving relationships, my spiritual practices, music, the arts and dance.

Now, what is Sovereignty?

There comes a time when we realize that most of our experience has consisted of sub-conscious impulses – actions/behaviors/feelings which were based on the opinions of others and what we think is expected of us by society, culture, friends, family – Consensus Reality. From this frame of reference, inherited negative thought-forms, prejudices and beliefs result in our anticipation of things being hard, our expectations of judgments, criticism or censure from others. All of this can limit what we might venture to do or be.  We never fully realize how much we have held our life potential back by running on the influence of fear of outside opinion, trying to fit in, allowing others, our cultural biases, and outer circumstances to rule our actions, choices, feelings and behavior.

Sovereignty is based on becoming our own Prime Mover.  We function in the world connected to “our better angels”, our own true nature, in full responsibility, based on our own values, world view, convictions, and dedication.  This is not an attitude of “my way or the highway”, but rather an awareness of the nature of human ecology where each of us has our own part to play.

  “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” Oscar Wilde

But first, we need to know ourselves – honestly and compassionately.  Have we simply decided what we “Like” or don’t like from what others present to us? Or have we come to a sense of who we really are?  “What do I believe?  Care about?  What do I enjoy working at even when not being paid?  What am I willing to dedicate myself to? What do I have a unique talent for? What is my “calling”?  Why has my soul chosen to incarnate in this body? this temperament? this family? this culture? this era? Self-Sovereignty comes of knowing who you are.  And from that comes understanding your mission.

Self Knowledge through BODY WISDOM

So how does movement, body awareness and hands-on healing help us author our own life, including our choices, behaviors, and especially our feelings?  First, the truth that heals comes from contact with Body Wisdom.

What is Body Wisdom?

It is our direct experience of the body-mind, the uncensored clarity of sensation, of energy, of body responses to touch, rhythm, frequencies of vibration, and conscious awareness brings a flood of impressions that reveals what’s really going on within us.  One of the most exciting things clients experience is this aspect of their consciousness being opened and revealed through their unique sensations, experiences and from them, insights in a healing session.

Our body lives our life with us and is free of the ways we fool ourselves – when we deny or deceive ourselves about what is happening, by how we are interpreting our experiences or the people in our life and how we feel about all that. These suffering ways of perceiving have often come from the drama of adolescence or childhood experiences which were frightening and for which we were too young to process.  Your body sensations speak truth about what is going on with you.  And you can only heal a problem or reaction when you can identify and tend to the energy that the reaction comes from.  This is why collaborating with your perception of your moment to moment experience during a session is an effective powerful healer.

Empowering, Interactive, Awareness-based Healing

Advanced Energy Healing is a different operation entirely than conventional therapies and medicine.  Both client and practitioner need to follow the energy and listen to the inner directives.  Muscle testing and dousing or the pendulum can help one get one’s bearings, particularly when we are beginning on this path, but they are only tools, not the authority or the nature of the inner “divining” process itself.  They are just a way to help being sure that we as practitioners are not just riding on our own agenda, but rather listening to the energy, respecting the client’s own unique path to wellness.   We tune in to the current of their healing energy flow, directed by spiritual healing forces within them, transmitted to both of our open intuitions in a healing field and then being articulated by our client.  With guidance and support, the client discovers what is needed for their healing.  This recognition – that it is within them to heal this thing – is the empowering moment.  Shift happens.

This is how the combination of HANDS-ON SOMATIC ENERGY WORK and ART: Awareness Release Technique succeeds  – There is amplified power in 2 intuitions collaborating – co-creation – increased effectiveness – resulting in the client’s ability to hold, own and build on the positive territory gained in a healing.

We meet the energy of disruption together, identify it, amplify it and establish what is really happening under the surface.  We dialogue with it. We release what needs to go and bring in what is needed to mend, heal and repair. In this newly lightened space, the good expands, takes hold, can grow.


How do I know this is working?    

Direct experience of Truth, Freedom, Ease, Pleasure, and Transformation makes us feel really alive.  We know things are changing through the experience of shifts in the body, from the immediate feedback we get:

from tension transformed into calm…

from block or constriction into freedom…

from anger and frustration to contentment…

from fear to composure…

from pain to peace…

from stiffness to flexibility…

from restriction to elasticity…

from frantic pressure to quiet…

and from despair to a feeling of renewed hope and commitment .

What does the healing experience give us? 

Now I know that…

  • I can change
  • I can heal
  • I can love and be loved
  • It can be easier
  • I can move towards what is good, harmonious, abundant, productive safely
  • I can be happy, free, and open to new possibilities 

Gone are habitual discouragement, anxiety, depression, or resignation, now we know that whatever the circumstances, we can meet them, we can have a life well lived.

Sovereignty is not about satisfying our ego, it stands in self-knowledge and self-acceptance, in radical honesty and faith in our soul’s plan for this lifetime.   As we become aware of a deeper dimension of our experience of events and relationships, triggers can be defused, suffering can be released and all the memories and events in our lives can be reconfigured to serve us, rather than repeating the cycle of suffering and disappointment.

In our workshop setting when the whole group is maintaining the energy, and secure sacred space, together we can create an even greater healing field held for the duration of the entire weekend.  The synergy of both personal sessions and group work are highly beneficial.

Never lose heart.  I believe that all healing is ecological.  We can live with more ease and equanimity,  benefiting ourselves and all the world.

Traveling this road along with you in heart, Gabrielle


Heart drawing

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“The Art of Peace is medicine for a sick world. There is evil and disorder in the world, because people have forgotten that all things emanate from one source. Return to that source and leave behind all self-centered thoughts, petty desires, and anger. Those who are possessed by nothing possess everything.” ~ Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido




2 thoughts on “Embodied Presence II: Self-Sovereignty & Building the Good   

  1. I am so grateful for all the personal comments I have received in emails to me encouraging my attempt to put words to an experience that is so personal and unique- the development of a person, of an evolving incarnation. Your reflections are part of this project.
    May we, together, be able to “touch the invisible”. Shining light into the darkness in full faith.

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