After Expansion: Tenderness, Patience, Self-Compassion

soul merge

“We cannot live in a world that is interpreted for us by others. The interpreted world does not hold our hope.  Part of the terror is to take back our own listening.  To use our own voice. To see our own light.”   

Hildegard of Bingen

We asked for this?     Yes.

We wanted the obstacles to our better self to be removed.  We wanted to release the pain and grief holding us down.  We asked for our heart to be open.  We knew there was more and that we weren’t getting there on our own.  We wanted CHANGE.  We wanted to break through the block that was holding us back.  We wanted self-knowledge.  We wanted to attract more good. We wanted to live more, love more, be more.

Most often there is great relief and a firm sense of being on the path after deep healing work, but sometimes this new place we find ourselves in is a bit scary.  We might ask:

“But now I’m not really sure who I am, or how I am, or how to be …

I know something good happened, but now what? What was I thinking this process would be like? Why do I feel all this (pick one – vulnerability, fog of unknowing, self-doubt, rushing energy, tension, fragility, etc.) after the great session/training we had? “

We may feel exhilarated, even ecstatic and perhaps also blown away.  Once back in our lives, we find that along the path to the True Self many shifts and re-calibrations are made and sometimes we don’t recognize ourselves or know what to say or what to do now that the old ways have been challenged.  We may literally feel the need to move to a new location, new home, new relationship, now that our inner self has moved into new territory.  Old boundaries cannot hold us and yet when everything is new, it can feel like there is no ground.

It can take a while to retrain the old self.  There are other parts of our self who must be heard and respected, who may put up a fight before allowing the next version of ourselves to emerge – abandoned parts, lost parts, shamed or blamed parts that seek redemption.

It is of utmost importance during this time to be gentle, patient and compassionate with ourselves as we also courageously engage in rigorous honesty, diligence and self-responsibility on our path of self-actualization and evolution.  Stay with your process.  Rich rewards on both the inner and outer planes follow.

Contraction in its positive form has a beautiful, beautiful meaning.  It is an in-gathering of all the forces; what has occurred in the expanded state is being gathered back into the self.  It is being digested, assimilated.  It means reaching into the depths of your infinite divine reality to bring out the treasures of the deepest aspects of the self.  Expanding means letting this flow out into the world, but to be able to do so, positive contraction must occur first.  Expansion means gathering the riches of divine creation in the inner universe and then bringing them into the outer universe. Contraction means gathering the riches of the outer universe and then bringing them into the inner.      ~  Pathwork Lecture 235

Now as the nights lengthen, we are invited more deeply into our inner chambers – tend your rich, sweet, mysterious center and when it is ready the new creation inevitably emerges in the light.

12 more SUGGESTIONS FOR SELF-CARE DURING THE JOURNEY                                   

(Please also refer to the February 2018 post After Your Session  This post is a continuation of that earlier article.)

  1. REST, allow,  receive more guidance and awareness.
  2. Re-train your inner voice to be kinder, less judgmental or critical, and more supportive so that you can be pro-active and do what needs to be done in full heart.
  3. Movement & Music – when things get stuck, MOVE!
  4. Sounding, singing, prayer, mantra, affirmations
  5. Detox Bath – 1 cup each of salt and baking soda in a warm bath, soak for 20 minutes.
  6. Core Breathing and Grounding methods.
  7. Nature, recreation, walking, fun, sunshine and water.
  8. Avoid stress and overwork.  And refrain from drugs, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, sugar – any substance that disrupts your system; as best you can reduce whatever causes you emotional and mental stress.
  9. Be mindful about eating more live fresh foods including extra fruits and vegetables, perhaps adding
  • Daikon, sea vegetables, spirulina or blue green algae which feeds the brain and cleanses the blood, refreshing the whole system.
  • You may need to add supplements, enzymes, acidophilus or make other dietary changes.
  • Drinking more water with “Emergen-C” which contains minerals, electrolytes and 1000 mg of Vitamin C may also be helpful.
  • In winter make organic ginger tea from fresh ginger and sip this warming tea all day.  Use discretion and seek the advice of a trained complementary healthcare provider if you have health concerns.

10. Read and Write – Review your materials from your sessions and read selections from the bibliography.  Continue to keep a journal tracking your process and awareness.  Meditate, tune-in and gather guidance.  Inner wisdom is always available, just ask.

11. Healing sessions as needed : including sound healing, attunement, vocal alchemy, past life regression and hypnosis, bodywork, energy healing, essential oils, flower essences, astrological planetary alignment and personal coaching depending on your needs.

12. Dedicate yourself to a life that is generous and  meaningful to you. Learn, grow, love, work.


I support you on your journey of self-realization.

I am at your service.  Call me if you have questions. 608-257-7212.

You are always welcome.

And the music never stops, Gabrielle

Laure.beyond Trump

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