HeartFire ~ November 15-17, 2019 a Sound Accord open residential expansion weekend at Sinsinawa Mound Center

By dancing within the seclusion of darkness, we discover parallel realities where solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems are possible. Wilbert Alix


Ignite Heart Power & Dynamic Vitality through Music, Movement, Trance Dance, Ritual and Art

Liberate Love, Health & Creativity

Practice ways to Connect to Source, to Eliminate Limitations & Build Vital Energy & Compassion

  • Learn to “never lose Heart”
  • Trance Dance, Free Movement and Color to open doors of perception for your question or intention.
  • Restore self-love and compassion through the Goodness Process
  • Understand how Self-Rejection blocks healing
  • Soul space to uncover your heart song with movement, chalk drawings and journaling

Music, dance or art experience not required

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you love.”  Rumi

What’s alive in me today? What does my heart really want?  Can I give myself permission to respond to what I am being called to become? What is the next step?

“There is a rhythm to everything in life and if you will just get the ‘feel’ of that rhythm, there are no limits to what your body will do.”

Milton Trager

Explore the power of your own intuition through the sacred arts and trance to open doors of perception

Cultivate more self-compassion by understanding how Self-Rejection blocks healing ~ causing heart maladies, auto-immune disease, arthritis, depression, anxiety, etc.  We will dream and dance into your question or intention.

Inspired by loving messages of the compassionate voice of guidance expressed and empowered by the beauty within your true heart.

Why Move?       Brain science reveals that thoughtful and organized movement practices reintegrate dis-regulated brain structures —- the ways our brains operate in response to trauma or chronic stress — to provide mental and emotional resilience.  Return to life revived with more optimism as well as more emotional and physical flexibility.

AbSOULutely no dance or art experience needed to create your visual prayers!

Navigate the terrain of life without getting stuck, holding on or pushing away.  Through the body’s physical expressions of freedom and emotions we can appreciate how emotions and different states feel in our body and what they have to teach us: how fear protects us, anger defends us, sorrow releases us, joy up lifts us and compassion unites us. By mindfully following our body’s weight, breath, rhythm, and movement, we can navigate these emotional fields without feeling overwhelmed or stuck. Listening with all our senses to what our body knows, we can create an opening for further discovery and transformation. Tension is released; authenticity, groundedness, aliveness, open-heartedness, and flexibility emerge. By integrating our awareness of the body’s knowledge of instinct, passion and emotions with our mind and heart, we gain a deeper capacity for love.

This workshop is an intimate small group experience, space is limited.

Reserve your place before October 4, 2019 with a deposit of $176 

Earlybird savings with full payment of $325 by October 4, 2019

Balance of Tuition due at Sinsinawa Nov 15th.Tuition includes art materials. Room & Board is additional.             

Full Tuition AFTER October 4th :  $355

LATE Registration arriving AFTER October 25th: $395

Room and board at Sinsinawa ~ Early Arrival Option in time for Friday Noon meal for $231 or in time for Friday supper $221 RM/BD Friday through Sunday dinner includes a Private room, Meeting room & Meals at Sinsinawa Mound Center. We make reservations for you. 

Welcome Letter & What to Bring sent to all participants after the October 25th deadline.         

Request separate mail-in registration and schedule now from Gabrielle at gabrisha@sbcglobal.net

For more about how Gabrielle works check her other blog posts: https://gabrielleladenhealingarts.com/2019/08/01/revisit-blog-posts-july-2017-june-2019/
For more about Well-Springs –  http://www.well-springsexperience.org/kay-ortmans.html

For more about Trance Dance & Trance Dance International ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZxq9K1YafA




One thought on “HeartFire ~ November 15-17, 2019 a Sound Accord open residential expansion weekend at Sinsinawa Mound Center

  1. I went into an expanded state of consciousness reading about the HeartFire expansion weekend. Your writing is beautiful, your invitation inspiring and I could feel your presence as I read it. Blessings on this gathering. I will be teaching in Indy with Dorsett and Helen LeClair that weekend but leaning in spirit to you and the group.

    Bravo, my friend, for as Sharon Franklin would say, “doing your being”.




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