Crystal Deva Guidance

Deep calls unto deep, joy calls unto joy, light calls unto light. Let the kindling of this flame rekindle in us the inner light of hope, of peace, of love And “as one flame lights another, nor grows the less” we pledge ourselves to be bearers of light, wherever we are. 

~ Gordon B. McKeeman

A friend asked me to come see a huge crystal in her garden which had taken to constantly glowing, like a beacon, like a call.  My friend asked me to tune-in to it, as she was convinced a message was trying to come through.  So we both sat down to meditate with it and this is what came through.  It’s a message of encouragement and support that now seeks to reach a larger audience.

A call from the Crystal Kingdom

We (the mineral kingdom) have been called into service at this time as receivers and transmitters of energy to aid the planet in this time of Acceleration.  All stones, crystals, gems are being awakened to a further mission, particularly if they have been primarily sustaining a particular person or place.  They are now being asked to include the global and celestial dimension.  Dark stones increasing their grounding, healing, protecting duties; our Quartz crystals to amplifying their receiving & transmitting talents and all other crystals, gems & stones are called to greater service through each mineral’s particular quality, frequency and gift of healing.

People and places to which we come or to which we are devoted or with whom we are invited or summoned to work with will more and more provide sanctuary from the chaos of transforming evolutionary forces and serve as a remedy for the fierce tempo of previously unassimilated higher and stronger frequency amplitudes entering this planet and humanity.

It is every Lightworker’s mission to be a clearer, stronger integrator and assimilator of these energies.  For some it may require lifestyle changes: diet-movement-spiritual practices compatible with an individual’s disposition, constitution and capacity.  For others the changes are primarily on the inner plane.

Yes, group work is important.  And just as we of the crystal kingdom are being called to extend our realm of practice, you are also being recruited to expand, especially within the support of group work so that individual and societal healing and evolution can be accomplished at an accelerated pace while yet in a relatively comfortable manner conducive to maintaining physical health, composure, mental clarity, peace, right actions and being as “impeccable as your words.”  The more comfort and privilege you enjoy, the more this universal work is being called forth from you.  Release your daily frets and fears.  Advance the harmonious, life-giving energies around you and in your relations with others.

When darker energies arise, deal with them with vigor, with our help.  Turn to the Light. Expand your Heart energy – truth, courage, love, security and connection. 

Old forms fall apart.  Keep the energies moving which seek to preserve and evolve life on this planet.  This is not a quick fix.  Be patient, stalwart, and resilient.  Love each other, be strong and compassionate.  Thus truth, love and life are preserved on the planet by virtue of the spiritual ecology effect of your consciousness.  Take note: fatigue, confusion, doubt, self-criticism, despair and fears all are the work of shadow – which you know how to reveal and heal now.

Do not anesthetize yourselves.  This is why there is a spiritual “fitness” which is required to continue to serve for as long as you are called.  We are with you.  Go with God. 

We support the ever-enlightening of consciousness on the planet.  Be humbled that you are directly involved with this great work.  Gather more guidance moment-to-moment.  Instantaneous connection and practice is the order of the day.

More will come on the crystalline structures we share together another time. 

Love, Love, Love………

Deep calls unto deep, joy calls unto joy, light calls unto light.                                                                                               

Let the kindling of this flame rekindle in us the inner light of love, of peace, of hope.   

And “as one flame lights another, nor grows the less”

we pledge ourselves to be bearers of light, wherever we are. ~ Gordon B. McKeeman

Holding Steady in the Light with you, Gabrielle

One thought on “Crystal Deva Guidance

  1. Thank you, Gabrielle, for this wonderful post! I heard this same message this week when I went to a medical intuitive who helps me. I hope your Heartfire retreat was wildly successful this past weekend.

    If I get enough attendance, I will be offering two beginning GuiGen qigong classes on Wednesdays beginning January 8th at Unity Church. The times may seem a bit odd, but the classes are on either side of the Woman’s Resilience group. I have posted the flyer below. Let me know if you are interested and could make one of the classes – I would love to have you in class.

    Take good care and thank you for all that you do.



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