After Your Session

FL_blueRose      “Real growth is always a surprise.  Wholeness is a surprise.  It’s about emergence, revelation, and letting go of the ways we have defined ourselves that are too small.“  — Dr. Rachael Naomi Remen

It is important now to take very good care of yourself. We require extra rest, highly nourishing food and additional time for meditation and reflection as we build new neurological networks in the brain and multiple micro processes in our cells, neural chemistry and information exchange systems stimulated by our healing vibrational work. It is the goal of this article to offer you suggestions about the nature of your experience to help you understand a typical process but which will always be your own unique and individual experience as well.  

Remember to allow 3 weeks to fully integrate a healing series or intensive weekend. Notice anything that is “different” – attitudes, energy, symptoms, etc. New patterns are now part of your physiology and time is needed for them to develop into new habits, qualities, activities, aspects of yourself.  Though your body/mind has new potentialities, you may still choose old patterns which have been long-standing habits.  It helps to be aware, notice the impulse and choose to go with the new pattern.  You have a choice.

It is very helpful to practice techniques and experiences you were introduced to so that the new frequencies in your heart/brain/body are reinforced, creating new patterns of thought, behavior, feeling and being. 


After sessions it is normal to experience a lot of renewed energy and always respect a need for quiet, private time, empty downtime and rest after which renewed energy then comes. Continuing insights and spiritual gifts come of allowing time and space for contact with your emerging soul life.

Your experience of pace and time may change as vibrational upgrading of one’s system increases our abilities to send, receive and co-ordinate physical, mental and spiritual impulses.

How you are feeling may seem unfamiliar as things within are sifting and sorting. You may have many more dreams, daydreams, and creative impressions as greater access to your inner life often occurs. Further guidance will come in various additional forms especially when you are meditating, journaling, toning and through synchronous encounters with books, people, information, and all manner of natural phenomena – clouds, weather, beauty, birds, animals, etc.

Because your high sense perception will be opening, initially sensitivity may be enhanced producing greater intensity of taste, color, smell, and sight, while your reactions to people, your surroundings, events and your feelings may seem either hyper-real or amplified.  Be gentle with yourself as this heightened awareness gradually integrates providing more insight and a feeling of greater connection with all life.

Due to the amount of interior activity occurring, you may feel like a lot is going on but you have no words or concepts for it. Refrain from analyzing it. Relax and trust the divine design of your system which is ever self-regulating and evolving.

If shadow material comes up, hidden or disowned parts, impulses and feelings, embrace them as your inner imperative towards more wholeness and integrity revealing itself in the form of greater awareness of all aspects of your character, habits, self-sabotage, addictions, ways you have betrayed yourself or been dishonest with yourself, other repeating patterns and games. Consider addressing these further revelations at your next healing session.

You may desire a deeper level of sincerity or passion in your relationships. Give others time to catch up with your new energy. Just love, never preach to or try to remodel those you care about.  Remember, when our vibration improves, things around us improve.  When you have changed, eventually and inevitably, your environment and the quality of your relationships change too.

Your process may not resemble any of the above, but know positive changes are afoot in any case. Where your attention goes grows stronger. Choose to focus on the positive.

Be patient with yourself.  Respect your own pace and style.  Neither judge nor compare yourself, rather be attentive to your own unique process.   Listen to the innate intelligence of the “wisdom of the body.”  Let it and your inner guidance instruct you about what you need for your continued optimal well-being.

Life is not static; life is a process by which we move and change in relation to our inner processes, our outer circumstances and the promptings of Spirit.  If your appetite for continuing on the path of expanding consciousness, vibrational intelligence and personal happiness has been stimulated with this work, keep coming, keep at it, the rewards are infinite.


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