Summer Sound Alchemy weekend

Through Sound into the Light    July 27-29, 2018    Sinsinawa Mound Center


 Sinsinawa means “Where Spirit dwells”  It has been our campus since 1999.  More and more, we are learning how to crack through barriers to expand our connection to tremendous resources of Spirit through sound, music, advanced energy healing, intention, and continuing personal evolution in these “shift times.”  You are invited to join us this summer…

We’ll use all our sound healing ways to deepen our connection to our body’s wisdom and our soul connection, gently exploring the essence of our inner realms and the connection between consciousness, the senses, energy, emotions, sound and the Self.

A powerful healing field is created when we gather together in a sacred manner.  May your heart and soul be filled with light in this luscious summer gathering of souls through soul journeys, sonic meditation, music, movement, sound baths and time for reflection, guidance and the deep fellowship of being in Sound Accord with each other, nature & spirit.

This weekend is open to old friends and new with an interest in diving into the work of Sound Accord and includes a Master Class: Pineal Light for advanced students *

* Liberation through Sound ~ Master Class Pineal Light component preceding and concluding, the weekend is for Level III graduates familiar with the Sound Alchemy protocols ~ Pineal Light, Crystal Palace, Crystal Sound and Light, Advanced Energy Healing, Ghost Points and Windows to the Sky ~ all part of the Pineal Light work.


11:30 am      Certified Practitioners early arrival/check-in

12-1pm         Dinner Meeting

2-5 pm          *Master Class Pineal Light

5:00 pm        Arrival and Check-in

5:45 pm        Welcome Supper for all participants

6:45 pm        Registration

7-9 pm          Evening session


8:10 am        Breakfast

9:30-Noon   Morning session

2:30-5:30     Afternoon session

7-9 pm          Evening session, Night Chapel Sonic Meditation


8:10               Breakfast

9:30-noon    Morning session

12-1pm         Celebration Dinner

1-3  pm         *Master Class Pineal Light


REGISTRATION FORM— to Request a separate registration form to print out and include (e-mail Send with your deposit or tuition check made out to Sound Accord and mailed to Gabrielle Laden, 1244 Rutledge Street, Madison, WI 53703  (Thank you for printing clearly.)
____ EARLYBIRD Savings REGISTRATION by Friday, JUNE 15th  $325* Paid in full

_____ I plan to arrive at 11:30am, attend the noon Dinner meeting & afternoon Master Class: Pineal Light as well as the normal weekend and special afternoon session until 3pm Sun

____  Full Tuition AFTER June 15:  $375*

____ LATE Registration arriving AFTER July 18th: $425* (Residential arrangements will try to be made, but are not guaranteed after July 18th.)

*Room and board at Sinsinawa is an additional $199 Friday supper through Sunday dinner or early arrival by noon Friday for dinner and Master Class $221 includes a Private room, Meeting room & Meals at Sinsinawa Mound Center. We make reservations for you.  

 Welcome Letter & What to Bring sent to all participants after July 18th deadline.

(WE APPRECIATE NOTIFICATION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND) Please note – Registrations received after July 18th assessed a $50 late fee.

Check to Sound Accord, sent to Gabrielle Laden, 1244 Rutledge St., Madison, WI 53703




Best phone to reach you _____________________________________


Enclosed is my fee (total required for early bird) or deposit ($175)*  __________
Balance and Room & Board fees due at class registration  __________

*Deposit is non-refundable after two weeks before each weekend


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