Embodied Presence ~ What Moves Me, Changes Me

A series about the evolutionary value of shifting vibration, movement & conscious touch

by Gabrielle Laden

Part I

Introduction to working with an individual’s life

through freeing body, mind & energy

                I have always felt better for moving, both on the outside and the inside and this influences the way I work with others.  Knowing what’s wrong isn’t enough. After many years of therapy, clients come to me because that work, so valuable for understanding their pain and suffering, has not sufficiently released and transformed it.  In fact, sometimes knowing the story of the history of the problem only serves to make it more present in our consciousness.  We know why we feel this way, but we are still triggered.  We still react in ways that don’t get us what we want, we feel frustrated, embarrassed and discouraged.  And the repetition of distress begins to take its toll on our health.

We live in stressful times.  One of my teachers has said that the cure needs to be as compelling as the wound.  Experiential processes change body/mind history to include thinking, feeling and acting differently.  And this is how our insides learn to live more comfortably in our own skin.   I believe transformation requires being deeply moved. Change is best experienced as a felt sense. “I feel different – clearer, stronger, lighter, more balanced, freer.”

Some of the beauty of using conscious bodywork, energy and sound healing together is that when someone comes to begin work together presenting a problem in their life, we don’t need to know everything we need to do about it before we begin.  As we tune in to the body’s wisdom together, starting with the breath, then touching in, to the body with awareness, we drop below the surface of the disturbing circumstances, and the appropriate work presents itself.

This is something we do together, both engaged, both aware, both listening, noticing, feeling and sharing the journey.  This is a paradigm of reciprocity, a flowing back and forth between the practitioner and client.  The practitioner guides, but the client is actively engaged in the work of healing, thus being the healer – the one who has healed something with themselves .  This is integral to my philosophy of healing.  The collaboration inherent in, for instance, the Awareness Release Technique which is often a cornerstone of the healing process as I practice it, was a revelation to me when I first experienced it.  With the guidance of my facilitator, I was the one discovering, revealing, releasing and healing the energy being addressed – The Result: empowerment!

This was really happening, this was mine, I was changing, and I could keep evolving from here.  This is what I want to share with you.  My role is simply that of a guide, your body’s wisdom and your soul are the healers.  In this series of posts we’ll look at the many ways we can explore this together.

First intention – relieve suffering.   Pain operates on all levels, not just the physical, in fact chronic pain is often a sign of deeply held emotions and toxic thoughts. Depression and anxiety, for instance, manifest as pain in the body particularly when intolerable, helpless, forbidden unexpressed anger or grief is at the root of it.  With many, it is easier to face physical rather than mental suffering, or a hidden truth which we may be keeping even from ourselves.  All the healing forces within and outside of a client will direct us to the appropriate ways to respond.  Even when the intuitive promptings momentarily seem incongruous to us, as we follow the energy everything integrates and steadies and supports the process.   It’s then possible for the client to re-enter the challenging situation with more strength, poise, patience and balance.

Result: a better outcome.

My teacher, Kay Ortmans, always said, “You can’t know it all, you’ll never get to the bottom of it all – you have to let go and trust.”  And I would add, you then have to give it time on its feet – live the change.

This is how the good is built: healing by healing, insight by insight, action by action.  And it gets better and better, even when circumstances may challenge us – Heart, will, soul – love in action.

We’re all in the this together.  Our sound healing work is not just about sound – vibration is much more vast. Sound Accord means: “May we be in sound accord – whole, healthy, authentic, co-creation with eachother, with nature and with spirit.”

Perhaps the secret of living well is not in having all the answers but in pursuing unanswerable questions in good company.”   Rachel Naomi

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