Soul Directed Healing


Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing teaches how to focus conscious awareness on the lessons of the soul. Conscious awareness provides a direct experience into the indicators of energetic dis-harmonies that manifest disease.

Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing results from aligning with the higher realms of our soul. Our human body and energy system is the vehicle for the soul’s experience. Disease is a clear sign that one is out of alignment and the circle of health (joy) is incomplete.

Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing brings us to the core of disease. It teaches us to use our own awareness to access the body’s wisdom find and heal the places within that are waiting to be restored to wholeness.

Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing awakens the heart chakra, and through awareness teaches us to believe in ourselves, to trust our deep truth and be willing to express our truth with compassion.

Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing is easy to learn because it is so natural. It is an integral part of our human nature and it can be used both for healing oneself and others.

The cellular structures of our anatomy are intelligent, aware, and responsive. They interconnect the chakra systems (centers of consciousness) and allow energy to circulate. Through the chakra system, stagnant energies are released as fresh, clear energies replace the old. Disease occurs when consciousness is unable to purify itself through the release of these lower frequencies. Energy becomes stagnant and then spirals inward and upon itself unable to release. These incomplete learning’s create tension within the energy field which in turn affect the body. They form an energetic pattern that can be seen and felt, and can often be pinpointed as the cause of pain in the body. Clairvoyantly, these energies look like tightly wound masses of rubber bands. The correlation between specific soul teaching, chakras, and physical organs is called the energetic anatomy, which Advanced Energy Healers learn to feel, see, and interpret.

What makes Soul Directed 
Advanced Energy Healing different?

Advanced Energy Healing is the ascension process of soul-directed healing.

Advanced Energy Healing goes to the core of an issue to heal. It activates the soul’s desire to come into wholeness and expand further into sovereignty and enlightenment. This is done through healing incompleted cycles of abuse in your life.

Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing is an Ascension Process where …

Your conscious awareness continually expands.

A mind, body, heart connection is made that assesses your body wisdom.

You learn to love yourself and accept yourself just
the way you are.

You learn to hold a vision of wholeness for yourself and others. The vision that says “Yes! I am ascending in my healing. Yes! I too can be enlightened, and so can we all.”

You come to peace with yourself. Life’s challenges become things of beauty as you recognize their positive intent.

You come into the experience of Truth.

Ascension – the Journey 
Enlightenment – Arrival

Enlightenment is strength of spirit and knowing. The ability to see magnificence within despair and then choose to live the magnificence.

Enlightenment is conscious integrity – the ability to see the beauty in the darkest of situations and bring forth the healing.

Enlightenment understands that Love is Cause and compassion is the natural unfoldment of Love.

Bring Your Spirit Home!

A deep thank you goes to AlexSandra Parness, my teacher and mentor for this explanation of Inner Focus Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing.  Gabrielle Laden has been a certified practicing Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healer, since 1998 and  was certified as Inner Focus Faculty in 2000. Inner Focus is also grateful to Robert Jaffe, Tom Kenyon and Barbara Brennan for their work and inspiration.

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